What I’m doing now1

Last updated: August 8th 2018

I’m home in Chicagoland with my family having just wrapped up some business travel to Shopify Unite in Toronto, and a speaking engagement at Active Campaign’s Activate conference.


  1. My next big project is planning a Chicago Shopify Meetup at Westfield Old Orchard on August 30th.
  2. Heading to Hilton Head


  1. I’ll be teaching a workshop at Shopify Pursuit in New York.

My current commitments are:

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I know you can figure out my email address pretty easily, but I’d prefer if you reached out to my assistant first.

If you send us a message, I promise we’ll read it, but I may need to pass on any offers due to high demand for my time.

Kurt Elster

IG: @kgelster

1. This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.
2. In general, I expect to be paid to speak. I will sometimes waive my fee for non-profit, community events if I am the opening keynote. At a minimum I need my return travel and hotel accommodation covered.