What I’m doing now1

Last updated: May 14th 2019

I’m home in Chicagoland with my family. I've just wrapped up hosting our own Chicago Shopify Plus Meetup.

Attendee, guest, and friend Beav Brodie (of Tactical Baby Gear) shares his meetup experience.

Other upcoming events:

  1. Speaking at Scale Ecommerce Virtual Summit
  2. Speaking at Lead The Pack
  3. Attending Shopify Unite
  4. Speaking at De:brief

My current commitments are:

  1. Helping Shopify Plus merchants make more money through my consultancy
  2. Hosting The Unofficial Shopify Podcast. (Check out my pro gear guide.)
  3. Developing Shopify apps based on work with Shopify Plus brands like Leno’s Garage
  4. Providing strategy & support to my wife for her Disney World planning Shopify store.

Time permitting, I will consider:

Unfortunately, I have to pass on:

Getting in touch:

  1. Request a (paid) call
  2. Apply to be an Ethercycle client
  3. Request a quote or interview from Kurt
  4. Join our Facebook group and ask your question publicly.
  5. Apply to be an Unofficial Shopify Podcast guest

I know you can figure out my email address easily, but I’d prefer if you reached out to my assistant first.

If you send us a message, I promise we’ll read it, but I may need to pass on any offers due to high demand for my time.

Kurt Elster

IG: @kgelster


1. This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.
2. In general, I expect to be paid to speak. I will sometimes waive my fee for non-profit, community events if I am the opening keynote. At a minimum I need my return travel and hotel accommodation covered.
3. I have not accepted an app demo offer in the last three years.