What’s Kurt doing now?1

Last updated: March 3rd 2021

Since March 2020, I’ve been strictly self-quarantined with my family in Chicagoland. I’m grateful to work in e-commerce, an industry least disrupted by The Bad Thing™. We were already a mostly remote team, so our work has been able to continue largely uninterrupted. I am admittedly feeling pandemic fatigue pretty hard, and look forward to the near future when we’re all vaccinated.

To protect my time, I’m currently saying no to most interviews and panels, all online summits, and all unpaid speaking engagements. There is no set date to when I will start adding these things back into my schedule. It’s a profound honor to be in high demand, but as a small creative business, I need large swaths of time to focus and get into the deep work of creation. As a result, I am fiercely protective of my schedule.

Recent Client Projects:

  1. Asutra
  2. KeySmart
  3. Overlander
  4. Vex Clothing

My current commitments are:

  1. Helping Shopify Plus merchants make more money through my consultancy
  2. Hosting a top 1.5% percent: Unofficial Shopify.2
  3. Developing public Shopify apps. (We don’t offer private app development.)
  4. Collaborating with my wife on her Disney World planning Shopify store.
  5. Providing advisory services to select clients like HOONIGAN.

Time permitting, I will consider:

Unfortunately, I have to pass on:

Getting in touch:

  1. Schedule a call ($300 USD)
  2. Purchase a Website Teardown
  3. Apply as a client
  4. Request a quote or interview
  5. Join our Facebook group

I know you can figure out my email address easily, but to protect my time I’d strongly prefer that…

To defend my inbox, we mark most cold outreach efforts and all involuntary newsletter sign-ups as spam.

If you send us a message, I promise we’ll read it, but I may pass due to high demand for my time.

Kurt Elster

IG: @kgelster — Not ecommerce, mostly Dad Shit™.

Kurt and Julie Elster meeting BB-8 Kurt and Jay Leno Kurt at Jay Leno's Garage Kurt in North American's 1st RWB 911


1 This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.

2 Have your own podcast? Check out my pro gear guide.

3 In general, I expect to be paid to speak. I will sometimes waive my fee for non-profit, community events if I am the opening keynote. At a minimum, I need my travel & hotel accommodation covered. [Press info]

4 I have not accepted an app demo offer in the last three years. To get your app in front of me, trying give it free to one of my clients instead.