Guide to Pitching The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

Thank you for your interest in appearing on our podcast. We love featuring entrepreneurs, consultants, Shopify experts, successful merchants, and industry analysts who can provide unique insights, share their experiences, and inspire our listeners. Here's what we're looking for:

1. Expertise or Experience

We're particularly interested in guests who bring in-depth knowledge or valuable experience in areas that can help e-commerce merchants or marketers enhance their business and inspire them to reach new heights. Share details of your expertise or unique experiences that you believe would be beneficial for our listeners.

2. Relevant Topics

Our show covers anything that would help an e-commerce merchant or marketer sell more or perform better. Please provide an overview of what you'd like to discuss on the show, how it fits within our scope, and why it would be interesting or useful to our listeners. We're especially interested in fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

3. Audience Reach

While this isn't a primary factor, we do consider the potential for our guests to share the podcast episode with their own network. If you have a substantial following or a network that would be interested in our podcast's focus, please let us know.

4. Communication Style

Our 40-minute show is an interview format. Please note that we prefer a conversational approach. While we want to hear about your experience and insights, we discourage monologuing or sales pitches. Our audience values authenticity and personal experiences, so please be prepared to share, engage, and connect with our listeners.

How to Pitch

When you're ready to pitch, please provide the following information:

Application Form

Fill out my online form.