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Happy Tuesday $FIRST_NAME,

Exciting ecom recon for you on this fine Tuesday. Let’s get into it.

The NEW-NEW: Shopify x YouTube

Big News from the Mothership announced minutes ago: YOUTUBE SHOPPING.

Shopify’s new YouTube Shopping integration, brands and creators can sell products from their Shopify stores across YouTube and manage it all in the Shopify admin right alongside sales from other channels.

  • YouTube Shopping is part of the Google channel in the Shopify admin. To get started, first set up the Google channel.
  • Brands and creators can pin products next to videos so followers can like, subscribe, and buy.
  • Inventory syncs so out-of-stock products are automatically removed.
  • Picture-in-picture playback continues during checkout so viewers can watch while they shop.

Docs: Shopify Help Center

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📂oVertone Case Study: We helped a company doing an impressive $30 million in sales radically reduce their $3 million tech budget by re-platforming them from headless back to Shopify. 🔗

📫You've Got Mail: Marketers are rediscovering direct mail. A USPS study reports “62% of millennials tend to read through the advertising mail they receive, rather than discarding it without reading.” 🔗.
(I'm glad we invested in PostPilot.)

🎁Xmas in July: I joined a few ecom marketers last Friday to talk about what works for Black Friday marketing. No frills, no slides, no BS. 🔗

📺Roku X Shopify: The new Roku X Shopify marketing channel enables you to easily build, buy, and measure TV streaming advertising campaigns directly on Roku, the most popular streaming platform in the U.S. 🔗.
We use Roku TVs in my house, I love seeing DTC ads from my friends.

🔊Immutable Laws of Conversions

Episode Art

In this episode, our guest packages more than a decade of knowledge and experience into just a handful of immutable laws that can help savvy brands convert more visitors into buyers.

We're joined by Jon MacDonald, founder of The Good, a conversion optimization firm that has helped globally-recognized brands like Nike, Adobe, Xerox, and The Economist exceed their ambitious growth goals.

Listen now: https://unofficialshopifypodcast.com/episodes/jon-macdonald

Talk soon,

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