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Kurt Elster helps Shopify store owners uncover hidden profits in their websites.

Your host, Kurt Elster

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Summary of Stuff Kurt Does:

I’ve written or coauthored three books:

Lastly, I make a great podcast guest. I've been on dozens, you should have me on yours too.

What Business & Marketing Experts Are Saying About Kurt

Brennan Dunn
“I’ve always known that Kurt Elster is legit. But after he gave a talk at my conference on marketing automation and did some live teardowns to a packed room of attendees, the rave reviews that hit my inbox confirmed his awesomeness. He tells it like it is, is direct and to the point, and is laser-focused on helping people grow their businesses.” —Brennan Dunn, Double Your Freelancing
Julie Elster
Kurt changed my career and my life. (And that was before I married him.) When I met him, I worked a 9-5 job and wanted to take my side business to the next level. His connections and actionable advice allowed me to grow my part-time business into my full-time career.” —Julie Elster, Just Tell Julie
Kai Davis
“Kurt is an expert at taking an idea and rapidly turning it into a buyable product. I'm envious of his ability to go from 'this is a thing people will buy' to 'this is a thing people are able to buy.' For me, having access to Kurt has been an MBA in growing a successful business.—Kai Davis, Double Your Audience
Philip Morgan
“Kurt has a real nose for business opportunity. He is always pushing beyond the status quo into uncharted (and usually profitable) areas. Kurt’s a powerful combination of great ideas combined with killer execution. It's easy to see why he’s seen such incredible growth.” —Philip Morgan, Author of The Positioning Manual
Travis Northcutt
“I know I can always count on Kurt to Tell it Like it Is™. No beating around the bush, no waffle words– just cutting right to the heart of something (then pulling that heart out Mortal Kombat style and giving a guttural roar.)” —Travis Northcutt, The Bright Agency
Paul Reda
“I've known Kurt for five years, which has given me a front row seat to how hard he's worked to better himself as a businessman & a person. He has done amazing work and the rewards are shown in our success. I am so happy for him and am proud to call Kurt my friend.” —Paul Reda, Ethercycle
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