No More Excuses: Move from Being a Freelancer to Being a Business

Are you a freelancer or a solo consultant looking to level-up your business? I can show you how to grow your business and reduce your stress in the process by laser-focusing your marketing efforts, productizing your services, and trading in hourly billing for value-based fees.

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

In the mid 2000’s I was utterly depressed with my work at a local ecommerce drop shipper. Going to work every morning felt like turning myself in to jail. Eventually I got so fed up, I quit my job and became a freelancer. I even got lucky and had clients to start. But I also made a ton of mistakes and laid awake at night worrying about my business. I often felt like I was working in my business, rather than working on my business.

Then I decided to do something totally different. I stopped being arrogant and started asking more experienced business owners for their advice. The best thing I've done for my business is to seek the help of mentors. Every time I've sought the advice of a mentor, and acted on it, it's had a measurable and positive impact on my business. In January 2015, my consulting business made 8x more revenue than the previous year solely because I took the advice of others.

Here's just some of things I can help you with because I've already tackled these issues myself:

  1. Hate writing proposals? Unbundle & Productize your services
  2. End the feast or famine cycle with building an automated sales pipeline
  3. Become the expert with laser targeted positioning
  4. and most importantly: build a profitable business.

Results you can expect...

On the first coaching call with Kurt he understood every problem in my business and helped me form a plan to improve my pricing and confidence. Within 24 hours of our phone call I sold a project for three times what I would have charged a day earlier.
Tom Siodlak, Stormlux
By implementing the awesome support and advice given from Kurt, I was able to sign 4 clients on a monthly retainer within the first 3 months of working together with Kurt, in doing so this allowed me to quit my job and focus all my efforts in building this solo consultancy career for the long term.
Shimon Miah, Facebook Ads Specialist
I love working with Kurt. He's helped me so much so far. H's the best investment that I’ve ever made, better than my college education and anything else I’ve done for my business. It’s especially helpful to talk with someone who understands what my business life is like and knows what I’m going through.
Keith Curreri, Buckle Up Studios
Kurt's mentoring changed my career and my life. When I started his program I worked a 9-5 job and wanted to take my side business to the next level. His connections and actionable advice allowed me to realize that goal in a few short months. Kurt helped me to grow my part time freelance business into my full time career.
Julie Clute, Just Tell Julie
I had done several freelance projects as supplemental income for my 9-5, and each one felt like more hassle than it was worth given what I was charging. Kurt has helped me immensely from identifying my marketable strengths as a developer to protecting my interests and making sure I don’t get taken advantage of. Thanks to Kurt I have some well needed peace of mind.
Chris Parks, Senior Software Performance Engineer

What I'll do for you:

  1. Monthly meetings: We'll meet face-to-face via Skype for up to 90 minutes every month. In that time, we'll inventory every single thing in your business that stresses you out, develop a plan of action, and decide how I'll hold you accountable for that plan.
  2. Weekly accountability: One of the most important things I can do for you as a mentor is to hold you accountable. I will email you every Friday to check on your progress and see how I can help with your roadblocks.
  3. Unlimited email access: Only my clients have direct email access to me, which I typically check every 2 hours. Have a question about a client, proposal, or project? Shoot me an email.
  4. Drip Profits: You'll get a free copy of my video training course where you'll learn how I used Drip to build an automated marketing system that lets me sell in my sleep.
  5. Email Templates: You'll get a free copy of my book Email Template for Freelancers as well as my complete collection of email template and resources.

What I expect from you:

First and foremost, I expect you to take action. You can listen to me all day, but unless you take action, nothing is going to happen. I guarantee that by the end of our first three months together, you'll have both a plan of action and a toolbox of resources.

In exchange for helping you grow your business and improve the quality of your work-life, my fee is $897/month. While there is no minimum, you should use three months of coaching to get the best results.

Ready to grow your business?

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P.S.: If you're not ready just yet, that's okay. If you need quick advice, you can book a call with me.