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25 Resources To Run A Kick-Ass Business

The cool kids
The cool kids from left to right: Jonathan Stark, Julie Elster, Kai Davis, Kurt Elster, Thomas Fuchs, and Amy Hoy.

My friends and clients often ask me what my favorite tools are. They're right to ask too. After years of running online businesses, there are loads of nifty resources rattling around inside my head that you need to know about. So, I've decided to list them all here. I’ve been building different kind of websites for years now and obviously, I’ve tried a ton of tools along the way. Some of them are fantastic, and some of them just plain sucks.

Many of these things are from my friends, because they’re a smart bunch of folks who inspire me with the extraordinary tools & content they create.

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Your host, Kurt Elster

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A note about affiliate links.
In the spirit of full disclosure, some of these are affiliate links, and that’s okay. It just means I might get a small commission on a purchase you would have made anyway. This doesn’t affect the price of the product or service for you in any way. It does help offset the time I spent reviewing these resources before endorsing them. Thanks for understanding.

Join thousands of Shopify storeowners already getting my weekly newsletter. Sign up.